Get a Soft Copy of Your Aadhar Card - E-Aadhar

Get a Soft Copy of Your Aadhar Card - E-Aadhar

Hey guyz,

Whoever have not got Aadhar card,and still wanna need it or use it.
So follow following step to get a valid soft copy of Aadhar Card.


And all you need is Enrollment no and the date and time of registering on Aadhar.
This is mentioned on you Aadhar card's receipt.

1. Enter Your Enrollment Number:
2. After that enter your Date and Time of Registration:
3. In Resident Name: Enter your Name and Surname as noted on Aadhar Card.
4. After that enter your PIN
5. At last enter CAPTCHA code given in that image.

This all complete verification.
Now its time of validation.Now you will display last 04 digit of your mobile number which you have given at the time of registration of Aadhar.
Or if you have changed your mobile or it may lost.Click on "No" button.And Enter your new mobile number.

Now One Time Password(OTP) will be sent on your mobile number.
Enter this for validation.

Now you will get a link to download your E-Aadhar.

Download your E-Aadhar.
Your area's PIN is the password of that pdf.

If it asks for validation,click here for more details of validation:


P.S. : Don't give your information to other. They can get easily your        Aadhar card with that information and use it as proof on behalf       on them.

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