How to Execute(run) JDBC Programs From Applet

How to Execute(or Run) JDBC Programs from Applet
How to Execute JDBC programs from an Applet

As we all know that, Applets are small java programs that are send to client computer and it get executes from there.As an applet is get executed from client computer,it has some restrictions.Because java is a very strictly secured language.So it doesn't permit applet to communicate with clients computer.
If you want to run JDBC(Java DataBase Connectivity) programs in an applet.Then you have to do following steps:

1.Go to Command prompt,by typing "CMD" in Run Menu.

2.Type POLICYTOOL in it and press ENTER.
Type "policytool" in CMD and press ENTER key

3.Click on the "Add Policy Entry" button.
Click "Add Policy Entry Button" on Policy Tool Window

4.Again a new window will appear.Click "Add Permission" button from that window.
Click the "Add Permission" button

5.Click on the first choice box and select "All Permissions".
select all permission from first choice box

6. Press "OK" and "Done" button respectively.

7. Go to "File" menu to "Save" the added policy on the system.
Go to "File" menu to "Save" the added policy on the system.

8. Now,Save the file in "C:\Documents and settings\Administrator" with the name ".java.policy".
   [Assuming that you are on the Windows Xp,and your system data is on the C: drive 
    and you are the Administrator i.e. your user name is 'Administrator'.]
Save the policy with ".java.policy" name, in "C:\Doc. and Settings\administrator"