How to unblock a URL from AVAST antivirus

How to UnBlock a URL from AVAST antivirus

                     Hi friends,most of time when we are using internet on AVAST antivirus installed computer we may face some problem like "An URL is Blocked." 
Avast antivirus error message of Blocked URL

  And at that time if you want use this site because you know that site is not infectible or you have to use it by anyways.Then do following steps:                            

1. Open Avast Application window from System Tray or Desktop or from start menu.

Avast Antivirus Application Window

  2.Go to Real-Time Shields option in Left Menu Bar.

Real Time Shield Window on Avast Antivirus Application

3.  Select Web Shiled from Real-Time Shied and click on STOP menu.
     And select APPROPRIATE TIME 
of your URL use.This will stop working of antivirus on 
     INTERNET so that you can use.
    After your work you can start it manually also if you had selected STOP PERMANENTLY/   

Click on STOP button and choose appropriate time on WEB-SHIELD WINDOW

This all steps are given according to:
Application:Avast Antivirus 7.01
OS  : Windows Xp

Enjoy Net Surfing w/o getting Blocked.
How to Unblock an URL from AVAST antivirus


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