How to take input in JAVA

/* Java program for taking input from users  */

import java.util.*;
/* Above st. is equivalent to #include in 'C' & 'C++'
   And this is taken for Scanner class bcoz its defination
   is in that class.    */
class input
  public static void main(String args[])
    Scanner input_object=new Scanner(System.in);
   //we created a obj of class Scanner to take inputs 

    System.out.println("Enter a integer number:");
    int i=input_obj.nextInt();

     System.out.println("Enter a float number:");
     float f=input_obj.nextFloat();

     System.out.println("Enter a string:");
     String s=input_obj.next();

     System.out.println("Entered data:");
     System.out.println("Integer :\t"+i);
     System.out.println("Float   :\t"+f);
     System.out.println("String  :\t"+s);

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