Window 8 Shortcuts key

Windows 8 is the upcoming & being popular operating system of Windows.Here are the some shortcut keys of it are provided.As it is Windows's OS it includes Windows Key in it's shortcut keys.

Win + B          –           Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and select the tray notification area.
Win + C          –           Brings up the Charms menu, where you can search, share, and change settings.
Win + D         –            Brings up the old Windows desktop.
Win + E          –           Launch Windows Explorer with Computer view displayed.
Win + F          –           Brings up the Metro File search screen.
Win + H         –           Opens the Metro Share panel.
Win + I          –            Opens the Settings panel, where you can change settings for the current app,     

                                        change volume, wireless networks, shut down, or adjust the brightness.
Win + J          –           Switches focus between snapped Metro applications.
Win + K         –            Opens the Devices panel (for connecting to a projector or some other device)
Win + L         –            Lock PC and return to Lock screen.
Win + M        –            Minimize all Windows on the desktop
Win + O         –             Locks device orientation.
Win + P         –             Choose between available displays.
Win + Q         –             Brings up the Metro App Search screen.
Win + R         –              Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and display the Run box.
Win + U         –              Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center.
Win + V         –              Cycles through toasts.
Win + W        –              Brings up the Metro Settings search screen.
Win + X         –               Launch Start Menu.
Win + Y         –               Temporarily peek at the desktop.
Win + Z          –               Opens the App Bar for the current Metro application.
Win + Page Up / Down  –            Moves tiles to the left / right.
Win + Tab    –                Opens the Metro application switcher menu, switches between applications.
Win + , (comma)               –            Aero Peek at the desktop.
Win + . (period)                 –              Snaps the current Metro application to one side of the screen. (Right side)
Win + Shift + . (period)  –              Snaps the current Metro application to the other side of the screen. (Left   

Win + Space                       –               Switch input language and keyboard layout.
Win + Shift + V                  –               Cycles through toasts in reverse order.
Win + Enter                        –                Launches Narrator
Win + Arrow Keys           –               Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and enable Aero Snap